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Rail Division Celebrates 10 years!

Rail Division Celebrates 10 years!

2016 was an especially big year for the Rail Division marking its 10th anniversary! A growing success, the Division traveled to five states this year covering every facet of rail construction. The team worked on everything from standard precast bridge replacements from Albany to Tacoma, to a timber repair for Portland & Western Railroad, to the largest capacity expansion Hamilton has ever tackled up in Washington for BNSF Railway. With a long list of project successes in 2016, here’s a couple highlights from rail projects in Washington.

Task 6 Steel Beams
Up in Kelso, Washington, the Task 6 crew wrapped up the BNSF Project with great success. As part of the project our team picked and set 82-foot-long by 12-foot-tall steel beams for the through-plate girder bridge over the Coweeman River using a 650-ton and 500-ton crane. A huge undertaking!

What’s Happening in Washougal?
The BNSF Washougal project is in full swing. The project replaces the existing rail trestle that was built in 1911. The existing bridge is a four-span bridge with two 200-foot-long trestles, and two 60-foot steel approach spans – to be replaced by one 202-foot-long through-truss span, two through-plate girder spans and two 41-foot precast box girder approach spans (one on each end). Crews will replace the existing trestles in two separate 24-hour work curfews (work periods when live rail traffic is shut down) replacing one half of the bridge each curfew. The team will use a temporary jump span to transition the live rail traffic from the new span to the existing span in between the two work periods.

In addition to the new spans, the team will construct all new drilled shafts (eight total), abutments, columns and caps on the structure. All of the drilled shafts are complete and the crews are pouring columns and building cap falsework. This project is the first time Hamilton has built a brand new through-truss span and so far so good!

Congratulations to the Rail Division for a successfull 10th year!

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