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Union Pacific Railroad Harrisburg

Project Info

Client Union Pacific Railroad

Project Description

Union Pacific Railroad Bridge Harrisburg

Mid Willamette Valley, Oregon

Start Date: Spring 2013
End Date: October 2014

oregon_eugeneHamilton replaced a 908-foot-long steel truss bridge crossing the Willamette River in Harrisburg, Oregon for the UPRR. Our team successfully replaced the aging, speed restricted 100-year-old railroad bridge while keeping it operational for Union Pacific and Amtrak train schedules, which required careful planning, meticulous scheduling, and consistent stakeholder communication.

We constructed parallel work trestles for access outside of scheduled closures and worked adjacent to the live rail lines without interrupting service in order to remove portions of the old substructure, install new drilled shaft foundations, construct columns and cast-in-place concrete caps, pre-assemble and stage the new Deck Plate Girders (DPG’s).

During five bridge closures of less than 30 hours each, Hamilton incrementally removed portions of the old truss. Using a vertical jacking and horizontal slide system that our team developed, we slid segments of the old trusses out of the alignment for removal and slid the new 126-foot steel spans into place. UPRR then tied into the existing lines at the end of each closure. During each of the five bridge slides, our team performed the work in almost half of the allotted closure time.

The most challenging aspect of the project was sequencing and scheduling the incremental change-outs between the existing bridge and the new replacement. Hamilton rose to the challenge and completed on time and on budget, while minimizing impacts to rail traffic and the river below.