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From its beginnings in 1939 as a small firm installing concrete road and irrigation systems, Hamilton Construction Co. has grown to become one of the West's leading heavy civil construction contractors. In recent years, our work has focused on transportation projects with an emphasis on major bridge projects, highway interchange, transit, rail, marine, and concrete structural components. Our proven track record of quick response and reliability makes us the first choice of many public agencies and private firms throughout the Western states facing time-critical and emergency situations. We have successfully met and exceeded the demands of Oregon, Washington, Colorado and Alaska Departments of Transportation, TriMet and a diverse group of private customers. Many of our clients have depended on us for decades as their contractor of choice.

Hamilton excels in the successful completion of highly technical projects in a variety of challenging environments ranging from the most densely populated, high traffic urban zones of the I-5 corridor in North Portland, to the most remote regions of Alaska, to structures located in highly sensitive and treasured habitat and recreational areas. Bridges, railroad trestles, cofferdams, highway interchanges, transit projects, specialized foundation work, overlays, project management, and more are part of Hamilton's everyday work.

Our bonding capacity, inventory of construction equipment, and material resources provide us the ability to successfully respond to today's most demanding jobs.

We are experienced with the full range of project delivery systems including Design-Build, CM/GC, and Design/Bid/Build.


Hamilton Construction excels in the successful completion of highly technical projects in a variety of challenging environments throughout the Western states. To see a list of Hamilton's construction projects click here.

Union Pacific Railroad Harrisburg
Mid Willamette Valley, Oregon

ODOT: I-5: Fern Valley Interchange
Phoenix, Oregon


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Hamilton Rail

Hamilton has a division devoted to the railroad industry. We can help Class 1, Regional, and Shortline operators upgrade and rehabilitate their infrastructure in order to maintain or increase capacity.
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Bridge Building Colorado, Railroad Trestles, Cofferdams - Hamilton Construction

Mountain West (Colorado)

Hamilton Construction has an office in Golden, Colorado to oversee its bridge building operations in the Rocky Mountain region.
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Bridge Building Alaska, Railroad Trestles, Cofferdams - Hamilton Construction

Hamilton Construction Alaska Co.

Hamilton Construction has an office in Sutton, Alaska headed by Project Managers John Szymik and Jesse Peterson.
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Hamilton Construction Alaska Co.